Things I love and that inspire me: traveling, geeky & nerdy things, Alice In Wonderland,steampunk, fantasy/sci fi, indie films, music and more music, and most all things cute, quirky,sensual, mysterious, dark and unique.

My name's Monica, and i'm 20 years old, though some days it feels older and younger. This is my second shop, with a name that I still wonder why I picked. If you see something interesting in my shop and have comments or questions, whether or not you'd like to purchase it, feel free to convo me, I usually check in at least a bajillian times a day :)

Randomness is the key to life...or at least my life.

Handmade Geeky and Cute Felt Zippered Pouches by You Are My Sin

~Wallets, Pouches and Clutches will be in soon.~

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